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 4th No-Photoshop photo contest; theme: "Old People"

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4th No-Photoshop photo contest; theme: "Old People" Empty
PostSubject: 4th No-Photoshop photo contest; theme: "Old People"   4th No-Photoshop photo contest; theme: "Old People" EmptyWed May 26, 2010 11:25 am

Basig ganahan mog apil ...

The Hulagway Photographic Society and Clique – the MSU-IIT photography club – invite all photographers to join a digital photography contest with the theme “Old People.”


1. Theme: “Old People.” The subject should be a portrait of a person 60 years old or more. It is preferred that you have documentation to show proof of age; otherwise, the Screening Committee will decide if the subject qualifies or not (see Rule 14).Could be whole body or not, as long as the entire length of face is shown, at least one open eye visible. This ain’t macro, so no shot of just the eye and nothing else. The picture could be taken anywhere in the world as long as the subject is Filipino. He/she should dominate the photograph, measuring at least 6 inches vertically or horizontally (depends if standing or lying). The subject should have no props that he/she doesn’t use on a daily basis. No other person should be visible in the photograph. While we understand that subjects need not look into the camera for it to be a portrait, we are requiring eye-contact in this contest just to distinguish a portrait from a candid shot.

2. The contest is open to all photographers, living in Iligan or not, provided the photographer can be present during the judging session. Only photographs taken starting April 29 until moments just before deadline are qualified.

3. Registration fee is P500 for working people and P200 for students. Only undergraduate students are qualified to pay the discounted P200. Registration form and fee should be submitted at Kodak Express Gaisano Mall Iligan no later than June 20, 2010, or you can also email registration information and send money via bank transfer or online means.

4. Deadline of submission of entries is 2 p.m. on June 27, 2010 (Sunday). You can submit the entries in person or by a proxy or by mail, provided that you will be present during the judging session starting at 4 p.m. of the same day. Participants are required to be present during the judging. The point is for us to gather and have fun together, and for transparency. Entries of absentee photographers will be judged and rated as usual, but the photographer will forfeit the cash prize. If you can’t be around during the judging session, consider your registration fee as a donation, an addition to the pot money for the prizes.

5. Entries shall be in full color. Not black-and-white, not monochrome.

6. The entries you submit shall be photographs that you took yourself. Be honest please.

7. No digital tweaking of any kind is allowed, not even cropping. So there can be no post processing of any kind, either in camera, or using whatever software in the computer. Your digital files should be printed as they are, straight from the camera. We have made arrangements with our sponsor, Kodak Express, to print your files using their default settings. So it is advised that you calibrate your camera with Kodak’s default settings, so you don’t blame anybody how your prints will turn out. You can tweak settings in your camera BEFORE you take the picture, but not after. While there are tools to verify if indeed tweaking was made, we understand there are also limits. So we are doing this on an honor system, and everyone is expected to observe honesty.

8. Set your camera’s Color Space at sRGB, since our printer uses sRGB by default. If you insist on using Adobe RGB or other color space and color turns out bad, that’s your fault. Remember you can’t tweak anything after taking the shot.

9. Make sure there are no changes made in your digital photograph’s EXIF data. So avoid using special software in copying your images from flash card to computer, and from your computer to your storage device that you will bring to the photo lab, that will affect EXIF data. Use only simple copy-and-paste commands when downloading images. Any indication of any software used that will appear in your EXIF data will be grounds for disqualification.

10. Make sure your camera’s date and time settings are correct. If EXIF data will show that the image was taken outside the period allowed, the entry will be disqualified.

11. There shall be no markings on the photographs -- no dates, no watermarks. Turn off that date imprint in your camera settings.

12. You can shoot either in JPG or RAW+JPG. You may not shoot in RAW mode alone because that could not be printed by Kodak and most photo labs.

13. Prints should be 8x12 inches. For photographers using digicams with different aspect ratios (like 4:3, 16:9), you may need to crop the edges to conform with the 3:2 aspect ratio. This is the only exemption where cropping is allowed, but only on 2 opposing edges, not on all 4 sides. The original JPG file should also be submitted at Kodak. Each photographer can submit a maximum of 3 entries. It is encouraged to submit all 3 because we are planning to give a “Photographer of the Year” award.

14. There shall be a screening committee composed of the heads of the two clubs and the sponsor who will check if the entries follow the guidelines. Should participating photographers complain against some entries, they can only do so before judging starts.

15. Prizes: 1st - 40% of total of registration fees (less contest-related expenses), 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%. The remaining 10% will be used later for the “Photographer of the Year” award.

16. The board of judges will be announced on or before deadline of registration. It will be composed of a photographer, a visual artist, and a layman.

17. Kodak Express will provide framed photos for the winners, with their names on it and information about the contest.
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4th No-Photoshop photo contest; theme: "Old People"
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